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Weddings! OMGS!

Yes! We do the weddings! It’s all online, partly because COVID, partly because humans are weird and messy. There is a premarital education course (coming soon), which does qualify in the State of Texas for their awesome Two-gether program, getting you $60 off of your wedding license and eliminating your three-day waiting period. (I haven’t investigated in there are any other programs in other states, but you’re welcome to take it anyway. And I’ll be looking into qualifying it if there are other states that do a similar thing.)

I have performed dozens of weddings of various configurations, and just to be clear, I am very LGBTQ+ friendly and don’t get all preachy or weird. I also don’t perform weddings for people for whom I don’t have proper faith in as a couple. Some people might think that’s “meddlesome” or “judgy,” but, frankly, divorce is a far more expensive process than getting married, so I don’t want to hear it.

Want to get it done? There’s a process, of course, and it’ll be streamed from the comfort of your (and my) home on a non-Tuesday day. Just fill out the little form below and we’ll be in touch to get you taken care of.

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