SUBMIT! But, like, nicely.

Got a question? Need to share a little story? Looking for advice? Well, this is the place to tell us all about it!

We totally want to be there for pretty much everyone, but there are some guidelines to understand. First, the channel is 18-and-up because we do get to talking about some pretty intense and personal things (and also, the host has a major potty-mouth). So, if you’re under 18, just know that we’re going to have to handle this privately, but you might be the topic of conversation in the stream without your name mentioned.

Second, keep it real, dude. If your story is ridiculous – like Penthouse Forum ridiculous – we might make fun of you. Or we might pick it and apart and analyze it, you never know.

Third, there will be occasions when we email the folks who send in their questions or situations before the stream in order to get a little more clarity. This is especially the case if there are too many indistinct pronouns (him/him/them/it/etc, but we can’t tell who they’re connected to). A good way to avoid that is to use unique initials or abbreviations if you don’t want to use names.

That’s it. Ready?

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